Babbel Portuguese review.

About Babbel Portuguese Lessons.

Babbel offers online based lessons for learning foreign languages like Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German and etc. It can be said that the main aim of this course is to give learners the tools to study what they want in a foreign language and also when they want. Since studying material in Babbel covers all areas of Portuguese, you will be able not only speak and understand this foreign language, but you will also learn basic grammar drills, how to read & write. It is also worthwhile to mention that Babbel includes some additional lessons on culture, traditions, idioms & tongue twister that can be quite useful information if you are planning to travel to Brazil.

While for some other languages Babbel provides sufficient studying content to achieve B1 level, there is less of it available for Portuguese. Users of this course can expect to achieve A1 level in Portuguese so it can be said that Babbel is mostly aimed at beginners of this foreign language.

When it comes to studying features, you can find quite a lot of them included in Babbel. One of these is Voice Recording, which allows to record pronunciation of certain Portuguese words & phrases and then compare it to a native speaker. For users who prefer to study a new language while communicating with other learners, Babbel offers a few social features. There is a separate People section in this course, which allows to participate in board discussions and even message other learners. To make learning Portuguese more convenient while on the go, Babbel also offers a free app. It gives the possibility for learners to study this foreign language when they want and by using different devices. Features like Review Manager and Daily Challenge in Babbel are quite useful for keeping retention rate high, following progress in Portuguese and encouraging users of this course to login to each day and study further.


It can be said that Babbel has quite clear and simple structure for all of its courses. Lessons in this course are being grouped based on different topics and language area they are covering (grammar, vocabulary and etc.). Before starting a new lesson you will be given points of what you will learn. Each lesson is usually divided into smaller parts so it shouldn’t take more than fifty minutes to complete it. Vocabulary is also being grouped by different topics so you will be able to choose what particular Portuguese words to learn (foods, animals, clothes and etc.).

Review of the Main Pros and Cons of Babbel Portuguese.

The Main Pros:

  • It is possible to get some free Babbel Portuguese lessons by registering at official website of this course. So you will be able to try this course prior to spending any money;
  • Studying material in Babbel covers speaking, listening, writing and writing in Portuguese so with this program you will be able to improve all areas of this foreign language;
  • Babbel can work well even for busy Portuguese learners. Lessons in this course are divided into small parts (takes ~15 minutes to complete) and also studying material can be accessed while on the go and by using different devices;
  • This course comes together with some social features. With Babbel you will be able to message other Portuguese learners, create threads in the forum or answer other user questions;
  • Teaching learners how to speak in Portuguese is covered quite well in Babbel. Lessons in this course are recorded by native speakers, you can find some separate lessons for pronunciation and also Voice Recording feature is included too;
  • After finishing all lessons in Babbel users of this course can expect to learn about 2000 Portuguese words. If we would convert that into CEFR scale it would be equal to A1 level in Portuguese language;
  • Since Babbel includes essential vocabulary & phrases you will definitely be able to use them when traveling to Portuguese speaking country. Also vocabulary is being categorized by different topics so can choose to learn words that are the most needed for you;
  • Babbel includes some lessons & information about culture, which can come in handy if you are planning a trip to Brazil;
  • Advanced tracking in Babbel allows users of this program to continue studying Portuguese where they last left and also follow their learning progress easier;
  • Babbel includes a few features that are helpful in maintaining learners’ motivation to study Portuguese further. This includes exercises based on points, Daily Challenge and etc.;
  • There is sufficient repetition done in Babbel so that users of this course would be able to recall new learned material. Features like Review Manager, Daily Challenge and various workouts helps to increase retention rate too;
  • Learning Portuguese via Babbel isn’t too monotonic. Workouts in this program are enriched by images, exercises vary from each other and also studying material comes in different forms;
  • If you can’t spend too much money for studying Portuguese at a time you will find Babbel pricing scheme very appealing to you. Subscription plans of this course vary between 4.95 – 9.95 EUR per month so you will not need to make any large investments;

The Main Cons:

  • Compared with other languages, Babbel offers less studying material & lessons for Portuguese so you will not be able to achieve more advanced level with this foreign language only by using this course;
  • Since Babbel is an online based course, you will need internet connection at all times when studying Portuguese via this program;
  • Most of workouts & app in Babbel teach individual vocabulary so it might take time until you will be able to express your own ideas or construct sentences in Portuguese;
  • Some more needy learners might miss online e-tutoring in Babbel, which is a feature offered by some online Portuguese courses;

In Summary.

Although Babbel has a few downsides, this course can still work very well for most beginner Portuguese learners. As it was mentioned in this review article, Babbel offers quite limited studying material specifically for this foreign language. So if you are planning to achieve higher level in Portuguese or you already have previous learning experience, other courses might be a better choice for you.

However if you are just starting to study this foreign language and you need interactive and fun course to begin learning, it is definitely worthwhile to consider Babbel. Ability to study via different devices, app, social features, interactive workouts, studying material that covers all areas of Portuguese language – these are just a few advantages of this online course. If you still have doubts about Babbel, you can try a few Portuguese lessons completely free by registering at the official page of this course.