Fluenz Portuguese review.

What is Fluenz and how does it work?

Learning a new language via Fluenz software is quite similar experience to attending school or university class. This is because this course is designed to recreate personal tutoring experience. It does that by presenting you with a video tutor who guides you through all the material provided in the sessions. Fluenz emphasizes a fact that when you learn a new language explanations are very important. Due to this they give detailed explanations after each dialogue on Portuguese vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, language structure and etc. This allows understanding every aspect of Portuguese and as a consequence progress much faster. To practice what you learned in the lessons the course offers different workouts which are focused on improving your skills on writing, listening, reading and speaking.

What is included in Fluenz Portuguese Software?

fluenz-portuguese-reviewAt the moment Fluenz offers three levels for Brazilian Portuguese so it can be said that it is mostly good for beginners and a bit more advanced learners. Each level of this course includes 30 lessons, which concentrates on different topics. To complete one lesson you might need to spend on average two hours, since you might need to repeat a lesson a couple of times in order to understand everything properly. In addition to main lessons there are two audio CD’s available to compliment the material in the main course. These audios can be used in your car or iPod so you would be able to learn on the go. Another great bonus material is podcasts that can be also used to study while you are not around your computer. They are created in order to supplement material provided in the audio CD’s. The last additional learning tool offered by this course is Fluenz Navigator. It is a book filled with most important Portuguese vocabulary and phrases, which can carry around while traveling.

What do other people reviews say?

There aren’t so many reviews available for Fluenz Portuguese yet, since the modules for this language were launched only recently. However there are quite a lot of reviews for other languages such as Spanish, French and Mandarin, which can give an idea of what to expect from this program. It can be said that all of available testimonials mostly positive, so it is a good indication that it is a great software for learning Brazilian and other foreign languages. Read a few reviews from actual users of Fluenz Portuguese bellow.


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Review of the Main Pros and Cons of Fluenz Portuguese.

Main Pros:

  • Fluenz gives detailed explanations on Portuguese grammar and structure so it is easier to understand more complicated parts of this language without any additional material;
  • In this learning program there is an option to turn on English and Brazilian subtitles in the dialogues. This is quite a useful feature in the beginning since you are able to understand each conversations easier;
  • Fluenz teaches essential vocabulary for travelers so in case you are in a Portuguese speaking country it would be easy to get around and communicate;
  • Instructor of Fluenz program gives some cultural notes after each lesson so you would know more about native people and their culture too;
  • The design of this language learning software is very professional and it is relatively easy to use without any guides;
  • It can be said that Fluenz Portuguese is a great course for visual learners since lessons are video based and also there are quite a lot of workouts included;
  • This software teaches learners all aspects of Portuguese so you can improve grammar, writing, speaking, listening and reading skills of this language;
  • Fluenz offers additional tools for studying such as audio CD’s and podcasts, which allows you to study on the go. It is also worthwhile to mention that there is a free app available, which will allow you to access all material in this course via different devices (iPhone, iPad and Android devices);
  • Different workouts and features make Fluenz a dynamic and enjoyable way to study Brazilian.

Main Cons:

  • Fluenz offers three levels for Portuguese learners so it’s only good for beginner and intermediate levels (more popular languages have 5 levels);
  • Although it teaches the most essential vocabulary for communication, the number of words you can learn in each lesson is very limited;
  • One of the most expensive online courses for learning Portuguese ($177 for one level or $282 for two levels);
  • Doesn’t have advanced features for improving pronunciation. Programs like Rosetta Stone offers Speech Recognition and Rocket course Rocket Record tools;
  • Although workouts are useful for improving what you learned in the lessons some of them too basic. Also there is too much exercises asking you to type what you hear and read so be prepared to type a lot.
  • Doesn’t offer many social features. Other courses like Rosetta Stone offers online sessions with a tutor, games with other learners (online version);
  • Some learners might find lack of written material as a disadvantage. It is kind of difficult to find certain material after you complete a lot of lessons.

Summary of a review.

To conclude this review it can be said that despite some small drawbacks Fluenz is a great language software for learning Portuguese or any other language. It is a great course for those who are just starting to learn Brazilian, since it offers detailed explanations on grammar, vocabulary and other aspects of this language. The fact that it offers various tools and exercises makes it a fun way to start studying Portuguese. For people who find this software too expensive it might be also a good idea to consider a course like Rocket Portuguese, which is very beginner friendly too.

Where to buy Fluenz Portuguese course?

buy-Fluenz-PortugueseIf you are interested in buying Fluenz Portuguese you can do so on Amazon or official website. Currently you can choose to buy one level separately $177 or two levels together, which are priced at $282. Whichever option is better for you depend on your budget and the level you want to achieve with Portuguese language.

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