Living Language Portuguese review.

About Living Language Portuguese.

Living Language courses are available for over 65 years, so it is a well tested and effective method to learn new languages. Living Language teaches Portuguese and other foreign language by following 4 main approaches. First of all, users of this course are being introduced to Portuguese phrases and vocabulary that are the most essential for speaking this language. So with Living Language you will not need to waste your time learning words and phrases that are rarely used. This kind of approach can be very helpful for learners who are learning Portuguese for traveling purposes and need to learn survival vocabulary & phrases fast.

The other approach of Living Language is that new concepts and material in this language learning program are being introduced only in very small parts. Due to this you will learn Portuguese words first, then you will discover how to construct sentences from them and finally you will be able take part in actual conversations by using different sentences. This teaching approach is useful, because it allows learners to advance with confidence and build practical language skills that can be used in everyday situations.

The other aspect of Living Language teaching approach is that it provides learners with different multimedia (audios, written material, digital exercises) to study Portuguese from. Learning a new language through visual and audible studying content makes this course less monotonic. Also based on Living Language, learning a new language from different angles can help to enhance the overall retention rate. The fact that Living Language offers varied studying material also makes this course suitable for more Portuguese learners.

Also based on Living Language approach, it is very important for learners get clear explanations on grammar and other areas of a new language. While some courses try to concentrate on speaking part of Portuguese and avoid grammar completely, this is not a case with Living Language. This course dedicates quite a lot of studying content for grammar & explanations. This is helpful feature of this course, because learners do not need to do any guessing and they are able to progress in Portuguese with confidence.

What Courses Are Available?

living-language-portuguese-brazilian-essentialWhen it comes to Portuguese, Living Language offers three main courses for this particular language. One of these courses is Essential, which includes a total of 10 lessons. Since material in this edition consists only of one book and 3 audio CD’s, it is mostly aimed at learners who want to learn basics of Portuguese. Some learners begin with Essential edition, because they want to test Living Language teaching method and make sure it is suitable for them (it’s quite cheap).

In case you want to achieve higher level at this language, it might be a better idea to consider Complete edition of Living Language. This particular course offers users 3 coursebooks and 9 audio CD’s, so learners can learn much more Portuguese when compared with Essential edition. It is worthwhile to mention that Complete edition is more popular among learners since it is quite cheap and it offers quite a lot of learning material. This edition also includes all learning material from Essential edition, so it is possible to begin with Complete course from the start.

In addition to these mentioned editions, Living Language also offers online course for Portuguese learners. Material in this course is the same as in Complete edition; however instead of getting books you would be able access all lessons and material in this course online. It is worthwhile to consider online course for learners who prefer to study on the go and want additional features like e-tutoring, access to community and mobile app. In case you are not planning to use these mentioned features a lot, it is best to choose other editions of Living Language since they are significantly cheaper.

What Do User Reviews Say?

When it comes to user testimonials of Living Language Portuguese courses, it can be said that they are quite positive. Most learners compliment these courses because they are very reasonably priced and they teach all aspects of a new language (grammar, speaking, reading, writing, culture and etc.). Users also point out that it is not too difficult to keep your retention rate high while following these lessons, which is quite a common issue with some other Portuguese learning programs.

When it comes to downsides of Living Language, some users complain about speakers’ accent and talking speed in audio CD’s. Also audios in this course don’t give phonetic breakdown of separate words so it might be difficult to know how to pronounce some more troublesome words correctly. Read a few actual user reviews of Living Language Brazilian course bellow.

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Review of the Main Pros and Cons.

The Main Pros:

  • Living Language courses can be considered as one in all solution for learning Portuguese since it teaches all aspects of a new language (listening, speaking, grammar, culture, reading and writing);
  • This program does a great job at keeping learners retention high when learning Portuguese. This is accomplished by reviewing previous material in further lessons, introducing new concepts in small steps and teaching new language from more than one angle;
  • In case one of your goals is to learn Portuguese grammar, you will find sufficient material in Living Language courses to learn it properly;
  • Since this course provides different multimedia to study Brazilian from (audio lessons, books and digital exercises), it can be a suitable language learning program for both visual and audible learners. Also learning a new language from different angles can greatly improve your retention and overall efficiency;
  • Even though Living Language doesn’t offer extensive Portuguese culture lessons like Rocket program, provided culture notes in this course will definitely come in handy if you planning to visit Brazil or other country that uses this language;
  • This course teaches useful Portuguese vocabulary and phrases from the first lesson, so that you would be able to get around in a foreign country easily or participate in real life conversations quickly;
  • More needy Portuguese learners can choose online version of Living Language, which provides its users with additional features like mobile app, e-tutoring and access to online community. It is worthwhile to mention that e-tutoring credits can be purchased separately; however they are quite expensive (25$ for on credit);
  • When it comes to price, it can be said that Living Language offers one of the most affordable courses for learning Portuguese (price range from $23 to $150).

The Main Cons:

  • In case your main aim is to learn how to speak Portuguese with proper pronunciation and good accent it might be a better idea to consider courses like Rocket. This is because Living Language doesn’t offer any advanced features for practicing your speaking skills (only audios);
  • It can be said that Living Language courses are not the most convenient way to study Portuguese while on the go since the main material comes in the form of books and audios are not very useful when used alone. However more busy learners can choose online version of this course, which allows to access all material online and there is mobile app provided too;
  • Even though Living Language provides Brazilian learners with online features like puzzles and games to increase retention and recall, it can be said that other programs (Rosetta Stone and Rocket) offers more engaging online features;
  • Although Complete and Essential editions of Living Language are priced very cheaply, the same thing can’t be said about online version of this course. At the moment online version is priced at $150 (one year) and you would need to pay additionally in case you want more e-tutoring credits;

Summary of a Review.

To sum up this review it can be said that Living Language courses are definitely a great choice for anyone who wants to learn Portuguese on their own. Not only are these courses priced cheaply, but also they offer a lot of and quality material to study from. As it was mentioned previously Living Language provides material to improve all aspects of Portuguese. Due to this you will not need to spend much additional money on buying grammar books or other learning resources. The other strength of this course is that it maintains your retention rate high when studying, so you will not need to go through the same lessons many times. All this is achieved by introducing new concepts in small steps, reviewing previous material and providing learners with different multimedia to practice and study from.

Despite all these mentioned benefits, Living Language Portuguese has a few downsides too. Other than accompanying audio CD’s, this course doesn’t offer features for practicing Portuguese pronunciation. So it can be said that Living Language might be not the best choice course for learners those main goal is to learn how to communicate in this foreign language. Furthermore, Living Language online features (quizzes, games and other workouts) are a bit basic. While they are definitely useful for practicing Portuguese from different angles, it can be said that they are less engaging when compared to other Portuguese online courses.

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Where to buy Living Language Portuguese Courses?

buy-Living-Language-BrazilianIf you already made a decision to buy one of Living Language Portuguese courses, there are a few options from where you can buy it. Some of retailers that offer Living Language courses are Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Walmart and official website of this course.

At the moment you can buy Essential edition for as little as $22.99 and Complete version of this course is priced at $49.99 on Amazon. Online version of Living Language Portuguese is priced at $150 (for one year subscription) and it can be purchased only on official website.

Visit the official Living Language Portuguese page.