Michel Thomas Portuguese review.

About Michel Thomas Portuguese.

For those who consider themselves as audible learners, another great Portuguese course to consider might be Michel Thomas lessons. These lessons come in a form of audios and follow a method of a well-known language teacher – Michel Thomas. While following these audios learners don’t need to learn lists of rules or vocabulary. Instead a new language is explained by using examples and similarities with your native language.

Another idea of this method is that new language should be introduced to learners in very small steps. This enables them to understand and remember everything better. The other quite unique feature of this course is that you are learning Portuguese together with other beginner students who are present in the recordings. So basically you become like a third learner in this virtual classroom and learn from mistakes and successes of these students.

What Courses Are Available?

When it comes to Portuguese, you should know that Michel Thomas offers two main courses for this particular foreign language – Total and Perfect. The first mentioned course contains 12 hours of audio material and more than 2 hours of Portuguese vocabulary help.

In case you want to improve your Portuguese speaking and listening skills even further, you should also consider getting Perfect edition of this course. It contains additional 9 hours of audios and 3 hours of vocabulary help. Both of these mentioned courses come together with visual review of the content provided in audio lessons and also some workouts to enhance your learning experience.

There is also a third Michel Thomas course (Start) available for Portuguese learners. However you should know that it is only an introductory course that is aimed at learners who want to test this method. Since you can find all content of Start course also included in Total edition, you should skip it in case you are already familiar with how Michel Thomas lessons works.

What Do User Reviews Say?

In general it can be said that Michel Thomas Portuguese courses have quite positive feedback from consumers. Most learners compliment these lessons since they do a great job at teaching structure of Portuguese so you can learn how to construct sentences in this language.

One quite common complaint from users of these lessons is that you are not hearing the correct Portuguese pronunciation all the time, since there are two beginner students in these audios too. Read a few actual user reviews of Michel Thomas Portuguese lessons bellow.


For more consumer reviews of Michel Thomas Portuguese lessons, visit Amazon page here.

Review of the Main Pros and Cons.

Main Pros:

  • Michel Thomas Portuguese courses have positive feedback from most learners. This is a good indication that it is an effective and quality course for learning this foreign language;
  • An instructor of this course quite commonly asks to say different phrases in Portuguese. Due to this listeners are encouraged to think in their target language, which in turn makes them more prepared for real life situations and boost their learning efficiency;
  • In addition to audio lessons, newer version of Michel Thomas Portuguese now includes a computer program. With a help of this program you will be able to learn this language visually too, which will greatly boost your retention;
  • It is very convenient to learn Portuguese while on the go via Michel Thomas courses since most of material comes in a form of audios;
  • Michel Thomas lessons introduce new Portuguese vocabulary and concepts not too fast, so it is not too difficult to follow them. It is also worthwhile to mention that each lesson builds on each other, so everything that you learn will appear in further sessions;
  • When compared to Pimsleur, these audio lessons are less repetitive and more fun to follow in general. What makes them less monotonic is the fact that there two Portuguese beginner students in these tapes who are learning this language together with you;
  • With a help of these lessons you can learn essential Portuguese vocabulary and phrases to get around in a foreign country, so it is a suitable course for travelers;
  • It can be said that Michel Thomas method promotes a very relaxed learning environment so you will not need to worry too much about remembering new vocabulary. All you have to do is listen to these audios and instructor of these lessons will ensure that you would remember everything that you are learning;
  • An instructor of these lessons does a great job at explaining how Portuguese works and how to construct sentences in this language. So when you will learn vocabulary from other sources, everything that you have learned from this course will come in handy;
  • You can learn how to pronounce correctly via this course since instructor quite commonly stresses out proper pronunciation of more difficult Portuguese words;
  • In order for learners to be able to remember new vocabulary easier, instructor of Michel Thomas Portuguese lessons provides some useful and easy to remember associations;

Main Cons:

  • One of the biggest disadvantages of Michel Thomas course is that you will not hear correct pronunciation of Portuguese phrases and words all the time. This is mainly because two beginner students in these audios say answers first and only later they are being corrected by an instructor of these lessons;
  • You will need additional books or courses in case you want to learn Portuguese grammar properly, since Michel Thomas lessons only introduce learners with grammar basics that are necessary for building sentences;
  • If you prefer learning languages through immersion you might find too little Portuguese and too much English language in these lessons;
  • Since there are two Portuguese beginner students in these recordings, it makes this course a bit slow, which can be seen as a downside by faster learners;
  • Even though visual exercises that are included in computer program of this course are quite useful, it can be said that they lack engagement (when compared with similar Portuguese courses);
  • Michel Thomas Portuguese lessons don’t include much information on culture, which can be seen as disadvantage by some learners;
  • Since Michel Thomas courses are basically audio lessons (without much additional features), it can be said that they are a bit overpriced ($135 for Total and $140 for Perfect);

Summary of a Review.

To conclude this review it can be said that Michel Thomas lessons can be a great beginner course for learners who want to build Portuguese language from scratch. These lessons are particularly good at explaining how Portuguese works and how to construct sentences from separate words. Also these audio lessons are more engaging and fun to follow than compared to Pimsleur. So if you will choose Michel Thomas lessons, you will not get bored while learning Portuguese.

Some limitations of these lessons are that it only introduces learners to grammar basics of Portuguese language. Also due to students present in the recording, sometimes you have to hear wrong pronunciation and mistakes. So if you find these limitations of Michel Thomas course not important for you, you should definitely consider trying this Portuguese course. Otherwise you should read my article on TOP Brazilian Programs online and maybe consider alternative courses.

Where to buy Michel Thomas Portuguese Lessons?

buy-Michel-Thomas-PortugueseIn case you still have doubts about these Portuguese lessons you should definitely consider buying Michel Thomas Start edition. This version of a course is very cheap (~$15) and it contains 1 hour of recorded material (taken from Total course), so you will be able to test this method and make sure it works for you.

Other courses of Michel Thomas are way more expensive since the price for Total edition is ~$135 and Perfect is another $140. All these mentioned courses can be purchased on sites like Amazon or iTunes and usually there are also some discounts available.

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