Pimsleur Portuguese review.

About Pimsleur Portuguese Lessons.

Pimsleur is probably one of the best known courses for learning foreign languages that comes in a form of audio lessons. The fact that most of studying content in Pimsleur comes in a form of audios, makes it more suitable course for audible learners. Currently there are more than 50 languages offered by Pimsleur so you can definitely find at least a few languages that you might be interested in learning. It is perfectly suitable course for total beginners at Portuguese since it starts from the most basic and easy conversational phrases.

These lessons are also based a lot on repetition, meaning that you will first hear your target language and then you will try to repeat words and phrases you have heard. Repetition in Pimsleur is done not randomly, but by following specific time intervals (Spaced Repetition). New Portuguese words are being repeated more often in the beginning and later time intervals for repetition become larger. At this point learners are already expected to remember new vocabulary and be able to use them in their conversations. Also previous studying content is repeated in new lessons, so you don’t need to worry that you will forget what you already have learned.

The other thing to know about Pimsleur audios is that they are interactive. It means that instructor of these lessons will ask listeners to say different phrases from the previous studying content. All this can help learners to reinforce previous studying content better, encourage them to speak in Portuguese out load and also make them more prepared for actual conversations.

What Courses Are Offered?

pimsleur-brazilian-audio-lessonsWhen it comes to Portuguese, Pimsleur offers to learn both European and Brazilian dialects of this language. However there is only one level available for European dialect, which might be not enough studying material to learn even the basics. On the other hand there are 4 levels available for Brazilian, so it is possible to advance quite a lot with this dialect while using Pimsleur. So if you don’t have a very important reason for learning European Portuguese, it might be best to consider Pimsleur courses for learning Brazilian dialect. Also for Brazilian Portuguese there is an option to choose Unlimited edition of this course. It is slightly more expensive than regular lessons, but it also offers some additional studying features like game & flashcards. Due to this, Unlimited version of Pimsleur can be preferred by visual Portuguese learners.

Each level of Pimsleur consists of 30 lessons, which are on average half an hour long. So within just 30 minutes of time per day, you could be learning Portuguese. Since it is audio based course you can transfer all material on your phone, car player and etc. and learn on the go. There is also a free Pimsleur app available for download, which enables learners to study Portuguese via different devices easier. All of these mentioned features makes Pimsleur suitable course for studying even for more busy Portuguese language learners.

When studying via Pimsleur program, you can expect to learn how to order food, give directions, exchange money and etc. Once the lessons progress so is your list of Portuguese vocabulary and phrases that you know. All of the topics and vocabulary introduced in Pimsleur can be called essential and they can definitely be useful while traveling. It is also worthwhile to mention that each level of this course includes some material on reading (1 hour long); however it is not that much useful.

What Do User Reviews Say?

The reviews that you will find of Pimsleur audio lessons are quite positive no matter, which language you want to learn. People seem to enjoy the simplicity of these lessons, the fact that they teach essential phrases for travelers and also that they can be transferred to any device (for learning on the go). Also most learners confirm that they were able to recall studying content from Pimsleur and that this course helped them to communicate in Portuguese.

Although you can also find a few negative testimonials claiming that Pimsleur is too expensive for the features that it offers or that its lessons are too repetitive. Read a few user reviews of Pimsleur Brazilian lessons bellow.


You can find more user reviews of Pimsleur Brazilian at the official website or Amazon.

Review of The Main Benefits and Drawbacks.

Main Benefits:

  • Learners who want to try Pimsleur method, can register at official site of this course and get at least one free Portuguese lesson;
  • There is no doubt that Pimsleur method works, because there are dozens of user testimonials online confirming its effectiveness;
  • These audios teach essential vocabulary and phrases that you would actually need while traveling to Portuguese speaking country;
  • Pimsleur offers lessons for both Brazilian (4 levels) and European dialects, although there is only 1 part (30 lessons) available for European Portuguese;
  • Since these audios are recorded by native Portuguese speakers you can learn good pronunciation and accent with Pimsleur;
  • For visual Portuguese learners it might be worthwhile to consider Unlimited version of Pimsleur (available for Brazilian dialect), which offers additional studying features like flashcards & game;
  • This course doesn’t require much time from Portuguese learners, since each lesson is only half an hour long. Also Pimsleur lessons can be transferred to different devices or accessed via Pimsleur app, so it is very convenient to study via this course while on the move;
  • These lessons are structured in a way that it would be easy to follow them and learners wouldn’t need to re-listen them many times. Even though you might forget something, it is being repeated in further lessons and larger content is later divided into smaller & easier to understand parts;
  • Question-answer approach that is used in these audios, encourages learners to think in their target more frequently. They need to come up with the right thing to say in Portuguese and thus they are able to respond in real life situations easier later;

Main Drawbacks:

  • The vocabulary that you can learn in each lesson of Pimsleur is quite limited, since it usually concentrates only on a few new Portuguese phrases and it does quite a lot of repetition;
  • Pimsleur course lacks grammar explanations and written studying content, so people who want to learn all aspects of Portuguese will need additional studying material;
  • This course might be a bit too repetitive for some Brazilian learners since audios follow similar question & answer format;
  • Considering the fact that Pimsleur offers audio based course, it can be said that it is very expensive ($450 for all 4 levels in MP3); however with a coupon code it is possible to lower the price a little bit;
  • There is no transcript of dialogues is provided along with Pimsleur lessons, so in case you don’t understand something you need to re-listen to these recordings a couple of times.

Summary of a Review.

To conclude this review it can be said that if you are truly looking for a quality audio course that would teach you how to speak Brazilian Portuguese, Pimsleur is definitely one of the best choices for that. Audio based format of Pimsleur gives possibility for learners to study whenever they are and even by having limited time. The fact that Pimsleur lessons follow question-answer format and they do quite a lot of repetition, helps to ensure that Portuguese learners are actually able to recall studying content from this course. Audios in this course are recorded by native speakers so learners can be certain that they will be able to learn correct Portuguese pronunciation and good accent.

Although a learner should be aware of some limitations of this Portuguese course too. Similar format lessons and repetition in this course might become a bit monotonic at times. So in order to progress with Pimsleur, you need to be a motivated learner. Furthermore, Pimsleur introduces on a few new Portuguese phrases in each lesson. So even after completing the whole level of this course, your ability to communicate in a new language would be still quite limited. Also Pimsleur mostly teaches learners how to communicate in a new language so you will not learn much grammar with this course. In case you need to learn all aspects of Brazilian Portuguese it might be a good idea to consider other courses like Rocket or Fluenz. You can find more information about these mentioned courses in this article.

If you want to test Pimsleur before making a decision, you can register at the official website and get some free lessons. It only requires your e-mail address and name so it’s totally free (no credit card information is needed).

Click here to register for free Pimsleur Brazilian lesson.

Where to buy Pimsleur Portuguese Courses?

pimsleur-brazilian-courseIf you are interested in buying Pimsleur, you can do so on the official website of this program. There are a few options available when buying this course – a set of four levels ($450), each level separately ($119.95) and in units of 5 lessons ($21.95). Whichever option is best for you, highly depends on your budget and what level you need to achieve in Portuguese.

Visit the official website of Pimsleur Portuguese.

Coupon Code.

In case you want to lower the price of Pimsleur Portuguese course, it is possible to do so by using a coupon code. All you need to do is enter a special discount code on official Pimsleur website (checkout page). By using a coupon code SAVENOW you will get free shipping offer and also it will reduce a price of your order by up to 25%.