Rocket Portuguese review.

What is Rocket course and how does it work?

Rocket languages are becoming more and more popular program for learning foreign languages. It has good ratings from magazines like PC Mag as being one of the best language learning software’s. In fact Rocket is rated even higher than such well-known courses as Rosetta Stone, Fluenz and Pimsleur. It offers to learn languages like Spanish, French, Chinese and Portuguese is no exception. Rocket course for Portuguese was developed by a native speaker from Brazil – Tereza Pereira. Rocket Portuguese course uses a method called Chunking, which means that long conversations in the dialogues are later divided into smaller parts and explained in more detail. This allows for learners to understand each part of the conversation and learn it easier.

What is included in Rocket Portuguese?

Rocket-featuresWhen it comes to different features and tools there are a lot of them included in the Rocket Portuguese course. The core component of this course is 32 audio lessons where you would hear a dialogue between native speakers and try to repeat it yourself. These lessons are usually on average 25 minutes long, so it doesn’t require much time from your part. It is useful to listen to these lessons while using Rocket Record tool, which allows you to record your pronunciation and then compare it to a native speaker. So it will help you to learn how to pronounce words correctly and practice your speaking skills. It is important to point out that these audio lessons can be downloaded to your computer and then transferred to your preferred device. This allows learning on the go, whenever you have some free time. In addition to audio lessons there is some culture lessons included. This is a great extra material for those who not only wants to learn a language, but also learn more about native people and their traditions. For people who tend to get bored easily Rocket offers a few different games, which will allow practicing vocabulary and learning some new words in a fun way. When you have questions or some doubts about Portuguese learning you can always go and ask them on a forum. You should expect to get the answer pretty quickly by a teacher or other Portuguese learners. To practice what you learned in lessons Rocket offers three different tools. This first one is called Write it and is aimed at testing how well you can write what you hear in Portuguese. The second one is Hear it say it, which is aimed at improving your pronunciation and practicing hearing skills. The way it works is that you hear a phrase in Portuguese, you repeat it and record it via record tool and see how well you understood what it meant. The last one is Know it, which tests how well you can translate phrases from English to Portuguese. You can use it together with record tool and also improve your pronunciation.

For people who might lack motivation to study Rocket offers two features. The first one is quizzes, which you need to complete after finishing lessons. This allows you to evaluate how well you understood material in the lessons and what parts you might need to study harder. The second feature is badges, which are given after completing important parts of this Portuguese course.

What do other peoples reviews say?

The reviews of Rocket courses (no matter, which language you will choose) are very positive. People seem to enjoy this dynamic program and various activities that it offers for learning foreign languages. Read a few actual user reviews of Rocket Portuguese bellow.


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Review of the Main Pros and Cons.

In order to understand better what Rocket Portuguese offers and doesn’t, bellow is a list of main pros and cons of this course.

Main Pros:

  • The lessons are recorded by a native speakers so you will learn how to speak Brazilian with a good accent and also Rocket Record is useful tool for practicing your accent and pronunciation;
  • Can learn essential Portuguese vocabulary and phrases quite fast;
  • Offers quite a lot of activities to practice different aspects of Portuguese language: reading, listening, writing and speaking;
  • Very dynamic course, which offers to learn via audio lessons, 4 programs and games;
  • Quite reasonably priced for the features that it offers ($99.95). Other courses like Pimsleur only offers audio lessons and is even priced higher;
  • Offers a lifetime membership for onetime payment, which includes all updates and etc.;
  • Has a forum specifically for Portuguese learners, where you can ask questions and get suggestions & tips on learning;
  • Badges and quizzes can help you keep your motivation high to study further and improve your Portuguese skills;
  • Offers a self-rating system, which allows to rate how difficult material was and then come back to more difficult parts later;
  • Most material can be downloaded so you can transfer it to your preferred device and learn on the go;
  • Each dialogue comes with a transcript in both English and Portuguese, so it’s easy to follow the conversation and also improve your reading skills;
  • The course comes with culture lessons, so you will be learn more about native people too. Other courses don’t include this aspect or it is not that good.

Main Cons:

  • At this time there is only one level of Rocket (Premium) available for Portuguese language so it is only good for beginners and intermediate learners;
  • It is only worth to buy an online version, because physical copy of this course is very expensive $299.95;
  • Even though you can download audio lessons, other components of the course can only be accessed online so you would need an internet connection to study via Rocket;
  • The course is more focused on teaching you how to speak, although there are quite a lot of material on grammar and other parts included too;

Summary of a review.

To summarize this review it can be said that if you just starting to learn Portuguese, Rocket course might be one of the best ways to begin learning. It is reasonably priced and offers a lot of activities so learners will not get bored so easily. Also is designed so that you would learn the most essential phrases and vocabulary from the first lesson, so it is ideal for travelers and people who need to learn how to communicate fast. However at the moment it offers only one level so if you are at a more advanced level at Portuguese you should consider other courses.

Where to buy Rocket Portuguese?rocket-portuguese-review

In case you want to buy this course online version is priced between $99.95 – $149.95, depending on the current discount. And if you are still not sure about this course you should definitely consider registering for free 6 days lessons. During this time you can fully test this course and make sure it is the right studying tool for you.

Visit the official Rocket Portuguese page.