Rosetta Stone Brazilian Portuguese review.

About Rosetta Stone Portuguese Method.

Rosetta Stone is usually one of the first name that comes to mind then thinking about choosing a learning program. The whole teaching approach of this software is quite unique since you will not find long list of vocabulary to memorize or grammar rules to learn. Instead Rosetta Stone tries to teach you a new language through immersion. The software shows you pictures of different situations, which you then have to associate with words and phrases in Brazilian. Different types of exercises are designed so that you would learn Portuguese grammar, speaking, reading, writing and listening.

What is included in this Software?

Rosetta-Stone-Portuguese-featuresWhen it comes to Portuguese, Rosetta Stone offers three levels for this foreign language. This is not the most, since more popular languages like French and Spanish have even five levels. Although other courses also offers less levels for Portuguese since it is not the most popular foreign language to study.

There are four units in each level, which are divided depending on topics such as greetings and introductions, shopping, school and work and etc. Each of these units comes with four core lessons, that include various exercises for grammar, pronunciation, writing, listening, speaking and etc. So as you can guess there are quite a lot of activities and material included in Rosetta Stone Portuguese.

The course comes with a headset and a microphone so that you can use Speech Recognition feature in this software. This feature works by evaluating your Portuguese pronunciation and giving you feedback on it. So it is a great tool which forces you to speak Portuguese more and you can actually know how well you are doing.

It is important to point out that Rosetta Stone offers two courses – online version and a standard software that you can install on your computer. The main improvement with online version is that you do not need to install anything on your computer and you can access all studying material in the course online by using different devices. Also online version has some additional features such as mobile app, games and live sessions with a tutor. Although these features are included with the main software they are going to be free only for three months. After that you would need to buy an online version to continue using these learning features. Also it can be said that online version is more expensive since it’s a yearly subscription and main software is a onetime payment.rosetta-stone-portuguese-online

So before choosing Rosetta Stone version you should decide if you going to need these extra features or not and how long are you planning to use the program. In case you are interested in buying online version for Portuguese there is a special package on Amazon, which allows you to save some money. This 12 month access will allow you to choose one language from Rosetta Stone online and use it for one year.

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What do other peoples reviews say?

The reviews that you can find of Rosetta Stone Portuguese software are quite mixed. Some people are happy about interactive software while others complain that it doesn’t explain much grammar or that it’s too expensive for the material that it offers. Read a few actual user reviews of Rosetta Stone Portuguese bellow.


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The Main Strong and Weak Sides of Rosetta Stone Portuguese.

Strong Sides:

  • Speech Recognition feature in Rosetta Stone program is great for improving your Brazilian pronunciation and encouraging you to speak out load more frequently;
  • Audios in this software are recorded by native speakers so you can learn how to pronounce in Portuguese correctly;
  • Image-word based exercises in Rosetta Stone offers a fun way of practicing vocabulary and learning new Brazilian words;
  • Although the vocabulary included in this software is not always the most essential for travelers or those who need to learn how to communicate fast; however you can learn more words in one level of Rosetta Stone than in one level of Pimsleur or Fluenz;
  • Different type of exercises in this program will teach you all aspects of Portuguese (speaking, grammar, listening, reading and writing);
  • Online version of Rosetta Stone offers some good social features such as live session with a tutor and also ability to play games with other Portuguese learners;
  • Some parts of the course can be learned on the go since some material can be transferred to your mobile or other devices. Also there is an app available (in online version), which allows you to learn via your phone;
  • Rosetta Stone Brazilian program is designed so that it would be relatively easy to use (without any guides or help from other people). You can also learn foreign languages with Rosetta Stone even without good knowledge of English since it includes very little explanations or translations in this language;
  • Workouts in Rosetta Stone are based on points so it is easy too keep track of your progress. Also advanced tracking in this learning program allows you to continue studying Portuguese where you last left;

Weak Sides:

  •  Rosetta Stone software doesn’t explain grammar rules or Portuguese sentence structure, so you would definitely need more material to understand it properly;
  • It is not always clear to what Brazilian word or phrase a particular picture is referring to, so you might need to have a dictionary somewhere near your computer;
  • If you buy the main software, online features will be free only for three months. After that you would need to pay additionally to keep using them;
  • Online version is quite expensive considering the fact that it’s a yearly subscription ($275 per year) and you would probably need to use it longer than one year to learn Portuguese properly;
  • The software is designed identically for all languages and it also doesn’t give any culture notes like Rocket or Fluenz courses;
  • Not the best choice software for people who need to learn traveling phrases fast. This is because the course teaches you some random words like a boy and a girl, different animals, colors and etc.;

Summary of a Review.

To summarize this review it can be said that Rosetta Stone can be a good learning tool for certain type of Portuguese learners. It is one of the best programs for learning new Brazilian vocabulary and improving your pronunciation. Workouts in this program are image based and very engaging so learning Brazilian is never monotonic with Rosetta Stone. Online version of this program also has some great social features (e-tutoring and games) so you will be able to get support or communicate with other Portuguese learners. This software also has one of the most advanced Speech Recognition features and all recording are made by native Brazilian speakers so Rosetta Stone can be very useful for improving your Portuguese speaking skills.

When it comes to drawbacks, Rosetta Stone has some of them too so this Portuguese learning software might be not suitable for all learners. While immersion type of workouts are fun to do, they do not give any explanations on sentence structure and at times it is difficult to tell the precise meaning of Portuguese words just by looking at the picture. Rosetta Stone is also not the fastest way to learn survival Brazilian phrases for traveling purposes because it teaches quite random vocabulary. Also the software doesn’t include any culture notes on Brazil and it is designed the same for all foreign languages.

In case you are a total newbie at Brazilian it might be a better idea to start with a course like Rocket or Fluenz, since they are more beginner friendly, offers more explanations and are more oriented for travelers. Read this article if you want to find out more about online courses that are available for studying Brazilian language.

Where to buy Rosetta Stone Portuguese?buy-Rosetta-Stone-Portuguese

In case you are interested in buying Rosetta Stone Portuguese software you can do so on a few different websites online. One of the best options would be to buy it from Amazon since most of the time they offer the best price for this software.

At the moment three levels of this course are priced at $279. There is also an option to buy one level separately, which costs $125. If you are serious about learning Brazilian it might be a good idea to buy all levels at the beginning and save some money in the long run.

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